69There has been no statement released from either side, ILWU or PMA, regarding the progress of the contract negotiations, but based on the shenanigans we are subjected to at the marine terminals, we are guessing talks are not going well.

In the past couple of weeks, we have experienced “slow go” operations, temporary work stoppages, walk offs, bogus incorrect bookings, “lost” containers, incorrect spot locations and misinformation regarding empties to name a few. Basically, we are getting the runaround, and drivers are made to suffer for labor’s lack of progress on the contract front.

As a refresher, an agreement on healthcare benefits has reportedly been reached. The general consensus is both sides are merely kicking the can down the road in hopes a new president and administration will repeal Obamacare so neither party will have to pay the $150M/year tax levied on the ILWU’s healthcare plan.

Jurisdiction and automation remain contentious negotiation subjects and are likely resulting in the disruptions we are currently encountering.


driver pic

Front row:  Sukhvinder Bains, Amandip Rana, Daniel Vidal.  Back row: Parminder Rai, Bevin Thomas, Robert St. John, Nahum Vidal, Jesus Ymbol

This past Saturday, eight Devine drivers were recognized at the California Trucking Association’s (CTA) driver of the year awards banquet. We are so proud of these hardworking, dedicated, safe drivers. They are the backbone of our organization and clearly demonstrate the “Devine Difference.”


PORT OF OAKLAND PROTESTAdmittedly, those of us serving the Port of Oakland are feeling a bit like Jan Brady, “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia,” because all the trade publications talk about is “LA/Long Beach, LA/Long Beach, LA/Long Beach.” No doubt, the Southern California port complex is at near meltdown, and maybe we should be appreciative of the light being shone on the lack of terminal productivity and the abhorrent truck turn times. Still, we can’t help but think…Welcome to our world. Oakland has been plagued by these delays for nearly a year and half.


From Behind the Dock DoorsRENOSSANCE

The Renossance continues in Northern Nevada. Cenntro Motors, a manufacturer of lightweight, all-electric commercial vehicles, recently announced they are moving their corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility to the Reno-Sparks area. Below is a picture of one of their vehicles. For more information about Cenntro, click here.




Researchers recently discovered a shipwreck dating back to the Phoenicians. For those that need a history lesson, the Phoenicians were master ship builders and traders, based out of what is modern-day Lebanon. They sailed the Mediterranean between 1550 BC and 300 BC.

The sunken ship is believed to have made numerous calls in Italy, Sicily and Malta. It carried volcanic grinding stones and amphorae (jars with two handles and narrow necks) pictured above.


ship fireIt is not often we hear about ships colliding at sea or at berth, but there has been a rash of them of late.  Last month, we featured the video of Hapag-Lloyd and Maersk ships bumping into each other as they vied for position at the entrance to the Suez Canal.

This month, we have two more incidents. Hapag-Lloyd, OOCL and Safemarine got tangled up while at berth in Australia.  During a storm, the Hapag vessel lost its mooring and drifted into an OOCL ship which broke its mooring and flipped around and into a Safemarine vessel.  Then at Port Klang, Malaysia, Hambug-Sud and United Arab Shipping Company vessels collided igniting fires on both ships, pictured above.


zim protestZIM has been in the news lately because pro-Palestian groups prevented their ships from being worked in Oakland and delayed the berthing in Tampa Bay.

As part of a debt restructuring agreement, Israel Corp will transfer ownership of ZIM to Kenon Holdings, a publicly held company based in Singapore.

Regardless of the reason for the divestment, we are hopeful this spin off will quell the protests and service disruptions.