Driver Appreciate Truckee Scales Sept 2015 001For Driver Appreciation Week last month, Devine celebrated by showing our support at appreciation events at the CHP truck scales as well as events at each of our truck terminals.  In Sacramento, drivers and staff were treated to fresh waffles with all the trimmings.  Yum!

As you can see by the photo, our drivers have a pre-dawn start to their day.  They are a hardworking group, for sure.  Thank you!

Driver Appreciation Sept 2015 006 Driver Appreciation Sept 2015 012


“Big Red,” Evel Knievel’s custom Mack truck was discovered in a salvage yard in Clearwater, Florida.  It took nearly 100 supporters, 18 months and $300,000 to rebuild the truck and trailer to its original glory.  How’s that for a Throwback Thursday?Evel Knievel Big Red 2015


Courtneys Class w Truck ContainerCourtney Burnett, former Devine employee and now 1st grade teacher at West Park Elementary in Fresno, is teaching her students how goods move around the world.  To help, we brought a truck and container to school for her students to see first hand.

We are doing what we can to educate and inspire the next generation of logistics professionals.


Coal in RailcarYou may have heard about a plan to export coal through Oakland, so let’s start from the beginning.

The Oakland Army Base (OAB) was a key military supply and personnel transit point from 1941 until the Army closed the base in 1993.  In 2003, the Army began transferring the land to the Port of Oakland and the City of Oakland in near equal portions.  Both the port and the city began to entertain development opportunities.

The Port of Oakland, governed by the Tidelands Trust, is restricted to maritime related functions and is developing a logistics and transload center to support their maritime operations.

The City of Oakland, not governed by the same trust, can use the property for any purpose. Through the years, we have heard proposals for movie studios, retail centers, car dealerships and other non-maritime uses. In the end, clear heads prevailed when city officials realized land for seaport operations in the state is limited.  An agreement was reached between the City of Oakland with California Capital and Investment Group (CCIG) to build the Oakland Bulk and Oversized Terminal (OBOT) specializing in transloading bulk commodities from rail cars to ships.

Enter the conflict…Apparently, there was no restriction in the agreement regarding the kinds of commodities acceptable, and CCIG has accepted a $53M investment from Utah’s Community Impact Fund on behalf of Utah’s coal-producing counties.

When OBOT is complete in 2017, it is expected to handle 9 million tons of bulk commodities per year. Half of that may just be coal…unless the community can make a compelling case that the coal export program is a threat to the health and safety of area residents. Environmental groups say they have plenty of proof to show it would be.


Name That Part Oct 2015Do you know what this part is?  It is something used in intermodal or truck transportation.  Play “Name That Part” by liking us on Facebook.  Click here to be directed to our Facebook page and place your guess.  Good luck!


We cannot even count the number of times we have been asked the question, “So, what do you do?” by family, friends and fellow cocktail party goers.  Instead of struggling to explain international container transportation and its various segments, have this video at the ready.  It is a great way of the explaining the basics.


Our drivers are great!  They are safe, reliable, hardworking…and, they are recognized.  Alfredo Alba (Sacramento), Mack Stone (Reno) and Mark Remizov (Sacramento) were recently honored with Driver of the Month awards by the California Trucking Association.

Alfredo Alba

Alfredo Alba

Mack Stone

Mack Stone

Mark Remizov

Mark Remizov


ILWU in Action 002

All summer we suffered through the consequences of labor shortages in Oakland.  We do not need to recap those issues again, but we do want to highlight change is on the horizon.
The Pacific Maritime Association (PMA) agreed to promote 150 casuals to International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) Class B status and hire an additional 400 casuals. Many of the Class B workers have already completed their tractor training and are on the job.  The PMA is quickly working to on-board the casuals.
Additionally, 30 clerks are being added to the roster and are in the process of being trained.
This additional labor is great news for users of the port.  It is also much needed as the port and terminal operators move forward with their plan for Saturday gates.


OktoberfestGermany’s Oktoberfest dates back to October 17, 1810 to celebrate the wedding day of King Ludwig I. Along those lines, the second weekend of the month is “National Kegger Weekend.”