Every January, at each of our terminals, we celebrate our drivers and their outstanding safety records, and we have a lot to celebrate!  We are fortunate to have a fleet filled with guys and gals who take the safety and security of your cargo seriously.


Thank you to all of our drivers who skillfully navigate the congested and sometimes treacherous roadways of Northern California and Northern Nevada.  


You are awesome!


Name That Part Feb 2016Do you know what this part is?  It is something used in intermodal or truck transportation. Play “Name That Part” by liking us on Facebook.  Click here to be directed to our Facebook page and place your guess.  Good luck!  


Ports America Ship at DockAbout six years into their 50-year lease, Ports America announced they will be ceasing operations in Oakland.

The original agreement between the Port of Oakland and Ports America included lease rates significantly below market in exchange for Ports America performing the necessary capital improvements at Outer Harbor Terminal. This agreement brought on the ire of the other terminal operators in Oakland, so much so, that SSA sued and eventually came to a settlement with the port.

During their six-year tenancy, Ports America did not upgrade the terminal as agreed.  Instead, they plan to cease vessel operations in the next 30 days and evacuate the terminal in the next 60 days. In an effort to smooth the transition, Port of Oakland management is working with Ports America to extend the timeline.

Ocean carriers who have been calling Ports America are actively looking for new homes for their vessels and containers.  It is expected that CMA, Maersk and MSC will land at SSA and K-Line at TraPac.  TraPac, already in negotiations with the port to expand their terminal, is looking to take over an additional two berths and 44 acres.

In the port’s opinion, the marine terminals in Oakland are operating below capacity and the traffic at Ports America can easily be absorbed by the remaining terminals.  The port intends to explore non-containerized operations for Outer Harbor Terminal including ro-ro and bulk businesses.

In our opinion, while there may be enough berth space and land to handle the business, yard and gate operations will suffer.  Evergreen temporarily moved to SSA in December while they upgraded their terminal, and that move created congestion and long truck turn times at SSA.  The addition of CMA, Maersk and MSC will surely have a negative impact on truck turn times.

SSA plans to operate night and weekend gates to accommodate the increased volumes.  The frequency of night gates and the specific transaction types accepted are yet to be determined.  The Port of Oakland has plans to subsidize night and weekend gates during the transition period to ensure a successful conversion.

There are many moving parts to this change.  We are unsure how it will all shake out, but we will keep you informed.


Clint JollyReno’s reputation of being Las Vegas’ ugly sister is coming to an abrupt end.  We have talked about the “Renossance” in our newsletter before, and the burgeoning art, foodie, outdoor living, and high-tech vibe going on the city. Case in point:

Clint Jolly, Chef and owner of Great Thyme Catering in Reno, just won Food Network’s “Chopped:  Impossible Restaurant Challenge.”  Chef Jolly beat out 400 top chefs from around the country.

These contests test the chef’s abilities and creativity by tasking them to produce a course using random and unrelated ingredients.  Chef Jolly had to create a main dish using pork belly, turnips, ras el hanout (a North African spice blend) and cherry pie filling.



Farm in a BoxRetired ocean containers have been used for housing, restaurants, playgrounds, even art, but here is a new take, farming.

Freight Farm, a Boston-based company, is recycling ocean containers into farms  These high-tech growing environments have climate control, automatic lighting and irrigation systems which can be monitored and controlled via a mobile app.

Each container produces the same yield as an acre of traditional farming while using 90% less water and no pesticides…in just 320 square feet of space. They are a perfect solution to the growing “farm to fork” movement.


MonkeyChinese New Year begins on February 8, 2016 and ushers in the year of the Monkey.

According to Chinese astrology, the Monkey contains Metal and Water.  Metal is linked to gold and wind, and water to wisdom and danger.

The prediction for the Year of the Monkey is quickly changing financial events.

The advice…think carefully about changes to your finances, career and relationships


PORT OF OAKLAND PROTESTLast summer, the Port of Oakland initiated a Port Efficiency Task Force comprised of cargo owners, terminal operators, ocean carriers, labor, railroads, motor carriers, customs and industry associations. The intent of the task force is to tackle congestion with meaningful, achievable solutions.

The gray chassis pool, extended hours program, Central Valley container yard and performance metrics are all programs that came out of the task force.

Developing technology and metrics to track and measure truck turn times is near and dear to our heart, and Devine is fortunate to have a seat at the task force table.

We are pleased to announce the goals developed by the committee. Total truck turn time (including both the outside queue and the terminal transaction) should take no more than 45 minutes for a single transaction and 90 minutes for a dual transaction.

The turn times will be measured using the Bluetooth technology currently being developed by the port. It is expected to be implemented in the first quarter of 2016.

We are excited about the technology and moving in the direction of 45 minute turn times.


ILA Walk OffAfter the protracted and disruptive labor negotiations on the west coast, is it wrong, as a west coast centric carrier, to get a small amount of satisfaction knowing we are not alone when International Longshore Association (ILA) members walked off the job in New York/New Jersey last Friday?

There was no official explanation given, but Jim McNamara ILA spokesman was heard on a New York radio station saying the walk off was a result of a dispute with the Waterfront Commission over hiring practices.  The Waterfront Commission was founded more than sixty years ago to address corruption on the docks.

Okay, it probably is wrong.  But still….


Smiley HeartA little Valentine’s Day trivia.

  • Nearly 1 billion cards are exchanged on Valentine’s Day, second only to Christmas.
  • Teachers receive the most cards on Valentine’s Day.
  • Hallmark will create more than 1,330 different Valentine’s Day cards.
  • 85% of the cards sold for Valentine’s Day are purchased by women.