CNY 2017 RoosterChinese New Year 2017 marks the Year of the Rooster, which began on January 28th and will continue until February 15th. 


According to Chinese astrology, those born in the Year of the Rooster are characterized as honest, energetic, intelligent, flexible and confident.  But, this year is not supposed to be lucky for you, so if you are a Rooster, it is probably best to keep your head down.


Our drivers are amazing.  They traverse Donner Summit snow or shine.  They navigate some of the nation’s busiest roadways.  And, they deal with the marine terminals.  As a thank you for all our drivers do to ensure the smooth and safe transit of your cargo, we honored them at our annual Reno Driver Safety Awards celebration last weekend.

Reno Safe Driving Awards Jan 2017 Combo

Above are a few photos of our safe driving award winners.  These men and women are the best of the best.  Thank you all for leading the way every day.


Nevada Flag Wind


Reno has been named the second windiest city in the United States.  Thanks to the Sierra Nevada storms and the Washoe Zephyr, (yes, it is a thing…check out the video below), Reno had 14 wind events in 2016 with a top speed of 90mph.  

Nashville came in first place with a maximum wind speed of 92mph.  Chicago, on the other hand, is not living up to its moniker “The Windy City.”  For the second year running, Chicago did not make the top 10 list.


Snow Covered Truck SierrasIn the January edition of Rolling Your Way, we talked quite a bit about snow and flooding…what was here, what was coming.  Well, we are not done talking about it yet.  The above picture was captured after a recent multi-day road closure on I-80 over Donner Summit.  Below is video of a driver trying to navigate the same icy roadways.

Please remember, if you have cargo destined or originating in the Reno/Sparks area, please expect delays, and if you are traveling in that direction for fun, please drive safely.


Click on the video link above to see how the most common job by state has changed over the last forty years.

Trucking has not been affected by globalization and automation, two factors which have had a negative impact on US jobs.  After all, a worker overseas cannot drive a truck in Texas, and despite technology, we still need a driver behind the wheel.


The Port of Oakland handled a record number of containers in 2016, 1.83M TEU’s. Both exports and imports were up, 10.5% and 4.7% respectively, compared with 2015.  ship-at-dock-10

Port management is preparing for further growth with the development of a logistics center and a “cool port” refrigerated warehouse.  These two projects will add nearly 750,000 square feet of warehousing space within the port property.

Additionally, in order to accommodate the mega-ships now calling North American ports, six cranes will be raised by 26 feet.  Work will begin on the cranes in April of this year.

2017 will be an exciting and growth-spurred year in Oakland.




Name That Part Feb 2017 Do you know what this part is? It is something used in truck or container transportation.


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Good luck!  


West Coast Dockworkers Hold Day-Long Work Stoppage To Protest Iraq WarAfter months of relative peace on the Oakland waterfront, only 10% of the requested jobs were filled by the ILWU workforce on Friday, January 20th, which coincidentally was also inauguration day.

The shortage of labor resulted in SSA’s terminal shutting its doors for the day while Everport and TraPac limped along with inadequate labor.

It Was widely reported labor opted not to work on inauguration day in protest to the newly elected president.  When labor leadership was questioned on the topic, they denied there was a concerted effort or organization protest. Instead, an aging, overworked and inadequate workforce was to blame.  Hmm….


In honor of Presidents’ Day, here is a bit of presidential trivia:

  • ♦  John Quincy Adams regularly skinny-dipped in the Potomac.
  • ♦  James Buchanan was the only bachelor president.
  • ♦  Ulysses S. Grant got a $20 speeding ticket on his horse.
  • ♦  William Harding lost the White House china in a poker game.
  • ♦  Gerald and Betty Ford were fashion models.
  • ♦  Herbert Hoover and his wife both spoke Chinese.
  • http://www.dreamstime.com/-image27809951