Amazon’s vision of a drone delivery center where trucks deliver cargo and an army of drones deliver shipments to the consumer.

Amazon Hive Drone Delivery System

Hannah-Barbera’s vision of a cartoon featuring a space-age family, the Jetsons, where their flying vehicle approaches home.



DroneWe all know is exploring and testing the use of drones to deliver small packages. While that’s cool, what is even better…the University of Leeds in the UK is developing a drone to autonomously inspect and repair potholes.  Their program is also looking to use drones for streetlight maintenance and pipeline repair.

Now, that is some outside the box thinking.


Reno Warehouse Truck + Van 003 AWe have all become watchers of Their handling of e-commerce fulfillment. Their use of technology. Their positioning of distribution centers around the country. Their same-day and Sunday delivery options. Their stock prices. Whether a direct competitor or an interested observer, we can all learn from their ability to evolve and challenge the status quo.

From Behind the Dock Doors

Reno Warehouse Truck + Van 003’s plans to pursue the use of drones to deliver packages have been well covered in the media, but did you know Nevada was selected as a test site?  The vast and clear skies, the 320 days of clear weather and the research partnerships with the University of Nevada, Reno and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas make Nevada an attractive place for testing.