Dick in Washington DC Feb 2016The Federal Aviation Administration Authorization Act (F4A) contains language prohibiting states and municipalities from enacting rules and regulations restricting or impeding interstate commerce.  22 states around the country have enacted such rules and are chipping away at the constructs of F4A.  Richard Coyle (President, Devine Intermodal and Chairman, California Trucking Association) and Mike Yadon (2016 President, California Trucking Association) joined other trucking industry professionals in a call on Washington DC to impress upon legislators the importance of solidifying and strengthening F4A and avoiding a patchwork of regulations across the country which will stymie interstate commerce.


Fwy w Rolling Hills 016The Federal Aviation Administration Authorization Act (F4A) governs commerce.  Its purpose is to preclude States, Counties or Municipalities from enacting or enforcing laws or regulations controlling or hindering the movement of commerce.  The federal government recognized that interstate commerce needs to be protected from a patchwork of laws across the country, and there needs to be one governing body regulating commerce.

Makes perfect sense, right?  Yet, there are states, California being a particularly active one, that continue to enact laws which aim to do just that.  The state routinely establishes regulations which affect the rates, routes and services of motor carriers…a major “no-no” in F4A.  Remember the Port of Los Angeles’ Clean Air Action Plan and its onerous requirements on the motor carriers.  The lawsuit between the port and the American Trucking Associations (ATA) was eventually overturned when it went all the way to the Supreme Court.  Well, the attack on the principles of F4A has not relented.

It is for this reason, that all sectors of trucking and logistics need to continue to support federal legislation and legislators that seek to put an end to this practice once and for all.