Northern California has a long road ahead to recover from the devastating fires that hit Napa, Sonoma and Lake counties.  It is has been a disastrous fall for many around the country and our thoughts are with you all.


It is time for an uplifting story.  Lauren Mesaros was fleeing the fires but had a dilemma.  She had a horse trailer for two and a car but three horses.  Her solution? Put the pony, Stardust, in the car.  


Logistics at work, even in the face of adversity.


Fires, Hurricanes, ProtestorsIt is not like we don’t have enough issues with congestion, chassis shortages and labor negotiations, let’s throw in a fire, a hurricane and a protest to further slow down throughput at California’s ports.

Swells from a hurricane earlier in the month caused $20M in damage to the breakwater protecting the Port of Long Beach. A fire at a pre-World War II wharf at the Port of Los Angeles billowed toxic smoke into the air and shut down Southern California container terminal operations for two days. “Block the Boat” picketers set up shop in Oakland on Saturday. Longshoremen refused to cross the line for “safety” reason. SSA was shut down for the day, and the ZIM ship left without being worked.