It makes a difference, especially in wet weather, where you put your two new tires. Watch the video above, so you will know what to do with your tired tires.


Drivers in Reno beware.  Two new city ordinances aimed at distracted driving went into effect.  To avoid the $305 fine, the Reno Police Department suggests you avoid eating, shaving, applying make up, reading a book, yelling atdistracted-driving your kids or having your puppy on your lap, especially if you cannot do these tasks while driving.


Container Loading to ShipThe Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) regulations, set to take effect on July 1st, require the shipper to provide the Verified Gross Mass (VGM) of the combined weight of the cargo, dunnage and container prior to cargo being loaded upon a vessel.


There has been considerable pressure on the rule making body, the International Maritime Organization (IMO), ocean carriers and terminal operators to find a better approach to the weight submission guidelines outlined in the rule.  As a refresher, SOLAS identified two options to calculate the VGM:  1) Weigh the cargo, packaging, pallets, dunnage and add in the tare weight of the container, or 2) weigh the loaded container and subtract the weight of the truck, chassis and fuel.  


US exporters have been pushing for alternatives to these two calculation methods. They contend providing the VGM in the manner dictated by the IMO is redundant to weight submission guidelines already present in the US.  Currently, exporters are required to provide the gross and net cargo weights, and terminals in the US are mandated by OSHA to weigh loaded containers.  As such, there are other options to obtain the VGM than those outlined by the IMO.  And, the US Coast Guard, the agency responsible for enforcement, agrees.


Given this pushback, the question of enforcement as well as differing interpretations around the world, the IMO has recommended “a practical and pragmatic approach when verifying compliance…for a period of three months after 1 July 2016.” The statement goes on to say this grace period is granted with the intention of “providing flexibility…to refine, if necessary, the procedures for documenting, communicating and sharing VGM information.


It would seem the hard stance of “no VGM, no load” is beginning to soften in favor of less disruptive compliance options.


Fleet Safety Awards Apr 2016Devine won…as if there were any doubt.  


At the recent Fleet Safety Award banquet hosted by the California Trucking Association, Devine took home First Place for running safest intermodal fleet in the entire state. 


Congratulations team!  Your commitment to putting the best fleet on the road is clearly demonstrated by this award, and it exhibits the commitment to quality and professionalism in everything you do.  Thank you!


When it comes to safety, we don’t just talk the talk…we walk the walk.  We hold quarterly safety meetings at each of our terminals to review safety procedures, new rules, changes to existing laws, company policies and customer requirements.Driver Meeting Apr 2016 Reno Safety Meeting Apr 2016 Sac

A big THANK YOU to all of our drivers for their time and attention at these meetings and for their follow through on our commitment to safety.


Every January, at each of our terminals, we celebrate our drivers and their outstanding safety records, and we have a lot to celebrate!  We are fortunate to have a fleet filled with guys and gals who take the safety and security of your cargo seriously.


Thank you to all of our drivers who skillfully navigate the congested and sometimes treacherous roadways of Northern California and Northern Nevada.  


You are awesome!


Back in 2014, the United Nations and its International Maritime Organization (IMO) formulated a rule requiring the shipper to provide a verified gross weight for each container.  The rule is part of an international treaty, Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS).  It goes into effect on July 1, 2016 and applies to all loaded containers moved worldwide.
The IMO states, “The regulations place a requirement on the shipper of a packed container, regardless of who packed the container, to provide the container’s gross verified weight to the ocean carrier and port terminal representative sufficiently in advance of vessel loading to be used in the preparation of the ship stowage plan.”
Furthermore, the ocean carrier and marine terminal are prohibited from loading a container onto a vessel without a verified gross mass (VGM) weight provided.
Why is it necessary?  The misclassification of container weights contributes vessel breaking/ breaching/capsizing as well as container stack cave-ins and crane collapses.
How do shippers comply?  Compliance can be accomplished in one of two ways:  1) Weigh each item including packaging, pallet, dunnage and securing materials.  Add the sum of these items to the weight of the container (found on the container itself), and you have the VGM.  2) Drive a loaded container onto a certified weigh bridge scale, subtract the weight of the truck, chassis, fuel and driver to obtain the VGM.
Then what?  Once the VGM has been calculated, the shipper will sign a document declaring the VGM and provide this certificate to the ocean carrier and marine terminal operator. Upon receipt of this signed paperwork, the container can be loaded onto ship for ocean-going transit.
We encourage all shippers to start preparing for this regulations to avoid your cargo being left on the dock.Overweight Container w Top Pick


Last month’s Northern California Truck Rodeo was featured on Good Day Sacramento, and our own Richard Coyle, President Devine Intermodal and 2015 President California Trucking Association, was there to talk to the host about the Rodeo.  Truck rodeos are an entertaining means of allowing drivers to showcase their safety and driving skills.




Training Truck Apr 2015 002As most of you know and have likely experienced directly, there is a driver shortage out there.  We are doing everything we can to recruit and retain drivers.

In this vein, we strive to properly train new drivers in the idiosyncrasies of navigating the port. After all, ports are a whole different animal compared to other trucking sectors.

Training Truck Apr 2015 003With our sites set on safety, training, recruiting and retention, we designed and purchased a truck with ample room for note taking, training, and even lunch.

Cool, right?!?!

Celebrating Driver Excellence

Driver Meeting 2014We are very fortunate to have so many hardworking and safe drivers at Devine.  We held our annual Safety Celebration last month where we celebrated their safe driving records, reviewed safety information and had a little fun.

Our drivers travel some of the most congestion roadways in the nation, traverse Donner Summit in the snow and negotiate Hwy 99 in dense fog.  Any number of accident-free years driving in these conditions is an accomplishment, but when drivers pass the 10-year mark, it is a remarkable achievement.  It is with great honor we give special recognition to our 10-year accident free drivers Balraj Dhillon, Raminder Takhar and Sukhdev Mundi, our 11-year accident free driver Amreet Singh, our 13-year accident free driver Amandip Singh Rana and our 15-year accident free driver Robert St. John.  You guys epitomize the Devine Difference.  You have our appreciation and our gratitude.  Congratulations!!!