Robert St. John, Devine's Driver Trainer

Robert St. John, Devine’s Driver Trainer

Robert St. John, Devine Driver and Driver Trainer, was recently interviewed by Sacramento’s ABC Channel 10 to find out what he loves about his job.  Watch for the interview on Tuesday morning, November 3rd.

Robert’s enthusiasm is sure to come through. He does indeed enjoy serving our customers and teaching drivers the ropes.

Thanks Robert!  You are a rock star.


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RB BudgetThe California Air Resources Board (CARB) creates truck engine and emission standards more strict than the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) then enforces these standards on every truck serving or entering the state. Interstate truck fleets find it operationally impossible to have only a portion of their fleets compliant with California’s requirements, therefore, the CARB rules become the de facto national standards.
California’s legislature, as part of AB350, was considering mandating a 50% reduction in transportation related fuel usage by 2030.  The California Trucking Association (CTA) and other transportation pundits opposed this portion of the legislation and were successful in having it removed from the law…much to the governor’s displeasure.  The law still has the requirements to extract 50% of the state’s electricity from renewable sources and a 100% increase in the energy efficiency of building


Halloween 2015 003From Pocahontas to Divas, from Thor to, we had it all covered at our annual Halloween festivities.  A good time was had by all.
If you are wondering who won “Best Costume” this year, it was Darth Vader. Congratulations Darth!  May the force be with you.


Car ForestThere are some experiences you can only have in Nevada…no we are not talking about visiting a brothel.  There are car forests, extraterrestrial highways, ghost towns and much more.

Check out this list of experiences unique to Nevada and go explore!

Highlighting the Entreprenuerial Spirit of the Owner-Operator

John Husing, veteran supply chain economist, released the results of a study indicating California’s independent truck drivers earn 29% more than their employee driver counterparts. Read the full study here.  This study highlights the importance of being inclusive.  There is enough room in the trucking industry for both owner-operators and employee drivers and enough room for both segments to be successful.  Devine, and many other companies, started with one driver, one enterprising individual, one entrepreneur, who saw trucking as a way to build a future.  It is important to keep this spirit alive and thriving.


RTGThe US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) awarded the Port of Oakland a $277,885 grant to upgrade cargo handling equipment at TraPac.  The funds will be used to retrofit four rubber-tired gantry cranes (RTGs aka Transtainers) and one top pick.
These upgrades will equate to a 90% reduction in the equipment’s carbon monoxide and nitrous oxide emissions as well as a 40% reduction in diesel particulates.



SONY DSCThe Port of Oakland has convened a Port Efficiency Task Force to tackle the port’s systemic issues.  Devine is honored to have a seat at the table.  Thus far, the task force has reviewed and made recommendations regarding the grey chassis pool, Saturday gates and a Central Valley container pool.
Another exciting project coming out of the task force is the development of technology to measure truck turn times.  It captures bluetooth signals and is the same technology used to estimate commute times.  We have all seen the freeway signs “24 Minutes to Downtown.”
The port is installing bluetooth readers on the streets and at the marine terminal gates. The readers will pick up bluetooth IDs anonymously. Alternatively, drivers or motor carriers can register, which will enable the tracking of specific trucks.
The data is continually processed through sophisticated algorithms to determine trucks in queue versus moving traffic.  It will even determine the specific queue in which the truck is waiting, as frequently the lines overlap.
The end result will be an aggregate, real-time, truck turn time.  These aggregate times will be available for all to see and will include the total truck turn time broken down into two segments, the outside-the-gate queue time and the ingate to outgate terminal transaction time. For registered users, this same information will be available on a truck specific basis.
It is currently a work in progress and is expected to go live in the first quarter of next year.
Kudos to the Port of Oakland for thinking outside the box and being the first port in the country to implement this important technology.


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Back in 1953, Swanson’s over-estimated the number of turkeys it would sell for Thanksgiving…by 26 tons!  An enterprising individual came up with the ingenious idea of slicing the turkey and repackaging with some trimmings. Voila, the TV dinner was born.