Tried and Trusted

When you choose Devine, you are choosing a company that has been tried and trusted. We have a service record that goes back 100 years and counting offering a comprehensive range of transportation services.

Intermodal Trucking

Seamlessly transport your cargo between ships or railcars and trucks with Devine Intermodal’s trucking service.  We serve all ports and rail ramps in Northern California and Northern Nevada and focus on customer service and communication.

Our container drayage routes span from Redding at the foot of Mt. Shasta to Visalia in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley and from Reno, the Biggest Little City in the World, to Oakland, the principal ocean gateway for international containerized cargo shipments in Northern California.

Heavy-Haul Trucking

Transporting overweight goods requires experienced, qualified, heavy-haul trucking drivers and equipment. Devine has 100 years of knowledge and best practices to lean on to successfully navigate such cargo.

Devine’s fleet of specialized heavy-hauler chassis enables shippers to maximize payloads of containerized cargo in Northern California and Northern Nevada.

Full Truckload

We haven’t just spent our last 100 years in business trucking around the Golden State. No, we know the most efficient routes for cargo within the Western Seven, also known as Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming.

We offer full truckload services to these states, and you can trust us to quickly and efficiently deliver your shipments from place to place.

Yard Hostler Services

Devine employs expert yard hostlers offering their services and our world-class equipment to assist clients.

Yard hostler services from Devine means your shipments will be moved within your facility by skilled, experienced hostlers. Leverage a workforce and equipment you can trust to safely organize your facility.

Dedicated Fleet Solution

Let Devine manage the logistics of your shipping and equipment needs. We will furnish a driver or drivers and equipment by the day, with the ability to flex to meet your needs.

Our industry-leading equipment and expert personnel are immediately available to meet your varying business needs. We maintain the equipment, manage the drivers, and assign a dedicated Logistics Coordinator, allowing you to focus on your business.

Devine Intermodal Truck during sunset
Rainbow behind Devine truck
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