For years, we have purchased new trucks each year to capitalize on the annual improvements to fuel efficiency and emissions. In fact, we have been named a SmartWay High Performer. It is a huge honor to be called out by the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) program as having “achieved significant shipping and freight efficiencies that merit special attention.”

We also fill our trucks with renewable diesel. It is the only diesel we supply at our fuel island in West Sacramento. This type of fuel burns much cleaner than traditional diesel and results in reduced emissions and Green House Gases (GHG).

We deploy electric yard goats too. A yard goat is a specialized tractor to move containers and trailers between the drop lot and dock doors. With the number of moves these tractors do per day on a relatively closed loop, going electric is a huge benefit to the environment.

Lastly, our office and shop are solar powered. We have solar arrays that supply us more power than we can use. But, we are not wasteful…our lights automatically shut off when you leave the room.

Logo for SmartWay Transport Partnership
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