Russia Food Imports

As a rule, we generally stay away from politics in our newsletter, however, there are a couple of geo-political events that have disrupted people’s supply chains.

First was Russia’s retaliatory ban of US, Canada, Australia and EU shipments of agricultural products into Russia. These countries placed economic sanctions on Russia after their annexation of Crimea. The ban will be in place for one year and is wide-reaching. The chart above demonstrates the economic impact of these sanctions not just on the industries and countries affected but the Russian people as well.

Second was the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the ensuing port protests on the West Coast. In an effort to draw attention to plight of the Palestinians in Gaza, supporters protested the arrival of an Israeli-owned Zim vessel in Oakland. The protests closed vessel and terminal operations for three days at SSA before the vessel changed terminals in Oakland, discharged cargo and finally departed. Similar protests occurred in Tacoma and Seattle but with limited to no impact on operations.


Block the Boat 2010

Block the Boat 2010

The group “Block the Boat,” in an effort to show solidarity for Palestinians, was planning to picket SSA terminal in Oakland tomorrow, Saturday, August 2, 2014. The purpose of the picket was to block the Zim vessel (an Israeli owned ocean carrier) from discharging and loading containers in Oakland. The group has called off tomorrow’s protest, however, they have not taken a port picket off the table entirely. According to their Facebook page, “We have decided to convert this Saturday’s event into an action that raises awareness about the plight of Palestinians, connects with the workers at the Port, and builds towards a powerful block of the Israeli ship in the coming weeks.”

In 2010, there was a similar protest in Oakland which, indeed, resulted in a Zim ship leaving Oakland without being worked.