Photo from KCRA

Photo from KCRA

If your cargo is destined for Sacramento and points east like Reno, Sparks, McCarran or Roseville, Rocklin, Lincoln, McClellan, expect delays as drivers fight through traffic and take circuitous routes.

CalTrans is undertaking a major repaving project on highly-used I-80. 160,000 vehicles traverse this stretch of roadway every day. For the first year, drivers traveling eastbound through a 10 mile span will have the choice of being locked into an “express” lane or routed to a single lane of “local” traffic. If you choose the “express” lane, you will be driving on a two-lane road separated from other lanes of traffic by K-rail, and you will not have the option of exiting this “tunnel” until the end of the construction area. If there is an accident or stalled vehicle, you are not going anywhere as you locked into these lanes. The other option is no more enticing as drivers will be constrained to a single lane of freeway for entrance and exit to the roadway.

This project is expected to last two doggone years. One year for the eastbound lanes and a second year for the westbound lanes. What is the end goal?…to create a longer carpool lane, of course.

We are working with our drivers on routes to mitigate these delays. Some alternatives require out of route miles for which we are considering a construction surcharge to compensate the driver.