69There has been no statement released from either side, ILWU or PMA, regarding the progress of the contract negotiations, but based on the shenanigans we are subjected to at the marine terminals, we are guessing talks are not going well.

In the past couple of weeks, we have experienced “slow go” operations, temporary work stoppages, walk offs, bogus incorrect bookings, “lost” containers, incorrect spot locations and misinformation regarding empties to name a few. Basically, we are getting the runaround, and drivers are made to suffer for labor’s lack of progress on the contract front.

As a refresher, an agreement on healthcare benefits has reportedly been reached. The general consensus is both sides are merely kicking the can down the road in hopes a new president and administration will repeal Obamacare so neither party will have to pay the $150M/year tax levied on the ILWU’s healthcare plan.

Jurisdiction and automation remain contentious negotiation subjects and are likely resulting in the disruptions we are currently encountering.