Reno Warehouse Truck + Van 003 AWith Tesla’s decision regarding the location of their battery factory still undecided, Northern Nevada is moving forward with their growth plans. Ashima Devices just announced they will be “moving their company headquarters [from Pasadena, CA], and opening a research, testing and assembly facility in Reno, NV.”

Ashima Devices is a company on the forefront of the drone technology. As we know from Amazon’s interest in using drones for deliveries, these unmanned aerial vehicles are not just for the military anymore.


Reno Warehouse Truck + Van 003 ANorthern Nevada is adding to its e-commerce foothold by courting high tech companies. Not far from the casinos, Reno has a new Startup Row featuring high tech companies and the Reno Collective which offers shared workspaces to foster creativity and entrepreneurialism

Northern Nevada has many advantages including its proximity to Silicon Valley, ease of transportation to the Western US, no income or inventory taxes, plenty of land and an eager workforce.


Reno Warehouse Truck + Van 003 AWe have all become watchers of Their handling of e-commerce fulfillment. Their use of technology. Their positioning of distribution centers around the country. Their same-day and Sunday delivery options. Their stock prices. Whether a direct competitor or an interested observer, we can all learn from their ability to evolve and challenge the status quo.


Reno Warehouse Truck + Van 003 AThere has been quite a bit of talk recently about near-shoring or re-shoring, which is the transition of sourcing manufactured products from Asia to sourcing these products closer to home or even at home. Mexico has a seen influx of manufacturing in recent years and remains the United States’ largest trading partner. However, crime and corruption continue to plague the country and inhibit its growth as a manufacturing powerhouse. Interestingly, in a recent study of manufacturing competitiveness, the US ranks second behind China. China’s position as the global manufacturing behemoth continues to be under siege by rising labor costs, increased transportation costs and stagnant productivity. Meanwhile, back in the US, the reasons for our growing competitiveness is the fall in domestic natural gas prices, rise in worker productivity and stable wage growth.

From Behind the Dock Doors

Reno Warehouse Truck + Van 003 ATen Tips on Setting up a Warehouse

Gavin Clark, CCO of Snapfulfill, a warehouse management system provider, outlined his priorities for setting up a new warehouse, and they are:

  1. The floor plan should have areas for shipping, receiving, storage as well as a comfortable staff break room.
  2. Assess the type of racking, shelving and storage you need for the products you service.
  3. Create a separate storage area for regularly used items…cartons, boxes, packing filler and packing tape.
  4. Ensure the area around the loading dock is free of shelving/racking to allow unimpeded operations by forklifts and staff.
  5. Define separate areas for shipping and receiving.
  6. Allocate office space that is separate and self-contained.
  7. Correctly place warning and safety signs and notices.
  8. Assure skips are close to the warehouse so trash doesn’t accumulate in workspaces.
  9. Place mats in areas where employees stand in one place for long periods of time.
  10. If you employ more than 5 warehouse employees, consider a warehouse management software system to streamline and speed up operations.