Let's talk mergers and acquisitions....

Let’s talk mergers and acquisitions….

Maersk is proceeding with the merger of Hamburg-Sud, who had already taken over CCNI in 2015.

Hapag-Lloyd expects to have United Arab Shipping Company fully integrated into their operations by the fourth quarter of this year.

CMA-CGM has assimilated APL/NOL into their operational network.

K-Line, NYK and MOL’s joint venture Ocean Network Express (ONE) is clearing regulatory hurdles and is on track for operations to begin in April 2018.

Fresh on the heels of last year’s COSCO and China Shipping merger, there are persistent rumors of COSCO taking over or merging with OOCL.

We will keep you posted as all these changes, and future mergers, take hold.


ship-at-dock-10Hanjin’s bankruptcy was an eye-opener to many as well as a barometer of the health, or lack thereof, of the liner industry.  After years of red ink, ocean carriers are realigning their organizations, buying out competitors or merging with other container lines.


2015 brought us the mergers of Hapag-Lloyd and CSAV as well as Hamburg-Sud and CCNI.


In September 2016, Maersk announced it was reorganizing its business units to better align with their respective functions.  Transportation and Logistics in one division and Energy in another.


Earlier this year, we saw COSCO merge with China Shipping, Hapag-Lloyd with United Arab and the CMA-CGM buyout of APL. 


Just yesterday, the Japanese contingent entered the fray.  NYK, MOL and K-Line announced plans to merge their container businesses. They plan to establish a joint venture company July 1, 2017 and begin operations of the combined company on April 1, 2018.


Our guess…these changes are not going to be the last we see.