Measuring Snow PackThis year’s punishing winter in California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains resulted in more snow than can be measured

The traditional snow-measuring device is a 16′ tube which is forced into the snow pack to determine its depth.  This year, 16′ is not even close to measuring the snow pack.

We are at historic levels not seen in thirty years. All this snow has made for difficult transportation this winter, but if you are looking for the silver lining, at least California’s drought is over.


Severe snow storms.  Floods.  Mudslides. Washouts.  We have been plagued with calamity after calamity this winter.  The net effect is continual closures on I-80, the truck route between Oakland and the Reno area, have made the roads impassable and have delayed deliveries.

We figure if a picture is worth a thousand words, four pictures are even better.  Take a gander.

Flood waters fill the Yolo Causeway.

Flood waters fill the Yolo Causeway.

Mudslide on I-80 resulting in days-long closure.

Mudslide on I-80 resulting in days-long closure.

Washout on exit of I-80.

Washout on exit of I-80.

Donner Summit, the mountain pass between Oakland and Reno.

Donner Summit, the mountain pass between Oakland and Reno.


Snow Covered Truck SierrasIn the January edition of Rolling Your Way, we talked quite a bit about snow and flooding…what was here, what was coming.  Well, we are not done talking about it yet.  The above picture was captured after a recent multi-day road closure on I-80 over Donner Summit.  Below is video of a driver trying to navigate the same icy roadways.

Please remember, if you have cargo destined or originating in the Reno/Sparks area, please expect delays, and if you are traveling in that direction for fun, please drive safely.


storm-totals-jan-4-2017The last several years of drought in California were widely publicized, but wet and snowy weather has returned.  It is great for snow lovers and our reservoirs.  Transportation, however, is an entirely different story.  The drought lulled us into thinking weather was not a factor in traversing Donner Summit, in the winter…yes think the infamous “Donner Party.”  Those sunny, clear, drought-stricken winter days are behind us. Major storms have hit Northern California/ Northern Nevada and have closed I-80, which is the main thoroughfare between Oakland and Reno, over several days and more storms are on the way.


If you have cargo destined or originating in the Reno/Sparks area, please expect delays.  If you are traveling to Tahoe for fun, please drive safely.



Adam Gallagher, Safety Manager, Devine pictured above with pusher truck.

The California Trucking Association, California Highway Patrol and California Department of Transportation join forces to keep trucks and traffic moving during winter storms on I-80 over the Sierra Nevada mountains.  Once stopped on the icy roads, trucks can need a little extra help to get moving again.  That is where the pusher truck comes into action.  It gives big rigs a push to get moving.  Watch a brief video and read more here.

Snow, Snow, Snow

It is that time of year already…snow over Donner Summit.  We had our first dusting of snow last week, and drivers are already chaining up.  For those who don’t live in California, Donner Summit is the mountain pass traversed on the way to  Reno.  To give you a frame of reference as to the amount snow that can fall over the pass in the winter months, it is named after the infamous Donner Party.

Regarding the expectations for this winter, it is neither El Nino or La Nina, so the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is predicting unpredictable snowfall this year. (Yes, that’s right, they actually predicted unpredictable snowfall.)  Basically, it’s anybody’s guess as to what this year will bring.  Nevertheless, we will predictably keep you informed.