Devine is active in our industry and our community.  We applaud our employees for making a difference.  Here are some photos of what we have been up to this past month.

Bennie Gamble, VP Nevada, with Chris Spear, CEO American Trucking Associations (ATA) at a Nevada Trucking Association (NTA) meeting addressing driver shortage and ELD compliance issues. Bennie is a board member of the NTA

Our Sacramento Customer Service Team participated in a charitable run/walk.  Pictured back row l-r, Lynn Lisotto, Ronni Smith, Diana Eller, Linda Barnes, Jourdan Davis and Judy Romero.  Their daughters joined the fun too.

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Thomas Radcliff, Manager, Business Development, is an active Rotarian.  He is pictured left with Troy Byrd, West Sacramento Rotary President.  They are manning the fireworks booth, which is a significant fundraiser for the organization.

Bennie Gamble (pictured center) with Paul Enos (left), CEO of the Nevada Trucking Association (NTA) and Adam Laxalt (right), Nevada Attorney General at a recent NTA board meeting.

Thanks everyone for the work you do on and off the field to make our company, industry and community a better place.  You are an awesome team!

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