As part of the on-going Renossanse, the concrete slab covering the train trench in downtown Reno is getting makeover.

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The artist, Brad Carney, has entitled the mural “Locomotion” which brings in elements from the Truckee River, railroad tracks, Reno arch, and Sierra Nevada Mountains.

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In the 2020's, we saw the expansion and upgrade of our electric yard goat fleet. The yard goat is the perfect application for electrification. Goats operate in a closed, dense circuit amplifying their environmental benefits. They have easy access to electricity with...


We like Halloween at Devine. We dress up and laugh at each other and ourselves. Heck, you have to be a little bit crazy to be in logistics, and we let our crazy show on Halloween. This year, we saw a Piñata, Beer Pong, Crazy Cat Ladies, Pregnant Skeleton, Mary Poppins...


SSA Terminal in Oakland has announced it will increase the Extended Hour Gate Fee from $35 to $40 effective January 1, 2024. The terminal cites rising operational and labor costs as the reason for the increase.


A recent research study shows congestion on US highways cost the trucking industry $94.6B in added costs, 1.27B hours of lost productivity and 6.7B gallons of wasted fuel. WOW!


Do you know what this part is? Hint, it is something used in truck or container transportation. Play "Name That Part" on our Facebook page. Click here to be directed to our page and place your guess.

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