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The above photo was taken circa 1938, fifteen years after our inception. It showcases our resilience. Even in the Great Depression our fleet was growing. We were hauling almonds, lumber, rice and other commodities in Northern California by hardworking drivers, just...


Tesla is expanding its Gigafactory in McCarran, NV (15 miles east of Reno) to build electric semi trucks and next-generation batteries. The expansion will be a $3.6B investment in the plant. It will increase the facility's footprint by 4M square feet. When completed,...


The tide seems to be turning on the Oakland A's development project at Howard Terminal. The City of Oakland applied for but did not receive $182M in Mega Grant funds needed for infrastructure improvements to support the project. Instead the US Department of...


Do you know what this part is? It is something used in truck or container transportation. Play "Name That Part" by liking us on Facebook. Click here to be directed to our page and place your guess. Good luck!


We experienced storm after storm much of December and January...a whopping 377" of snow at the summit of Donner Pass. The previous years of drought have resulted in conditions ripe for rock slides. Take a look at the video above.

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