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Look at the size of that toad! You have to hand to it the folks in Australia...they grow things big Down Under. And, it is poisonous! But, as evidenced by their nonchalance in the above video, they take things in stride.  


There remains no contract deal on the West Coast between the International Longshore & Warehouse Union (ILWU) and employer group Pacific Maritime Association (PMA). We are into our eighth month of being without a contract, and it is wearing on everyone. Cargo is...


Meet Dee Sova, an entrepreneurial independent truck driver who moved her company out of California due to AB5, the state law effectively eliminating the ability to remain independent. Ms. Sova said it best, "To most people, owning your own business is a way to become...


Meet the newest addition to our zero emission electric yard goat. This application is perfect for an electric vehicle. They operate in a short range, they have easy access to on-site "fueling," they charge quickly, and the extra weight of the battery is not...


We included this article to let you know Reno Nevada's conventions are back in full pre-COVID mode and because we like to say "sheep show." You have to admit it is fun.

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