Shell Lubricants and AirFlow Truck Co. have designed the next-generation class 8 truck “with the aim of demonstrating what is possible in reducing energy demand in freight transportation.”
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The truck will soon leave California for its first cross-country trip.

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The 2010's marked a decade of expansion and growth. As ocean carriers began divesting themselves of chassis, we jumped in and purchased our first 250 chassis, and more since. As technology began to transform the trucking industry, we jumped in with electronic logging...


The price of crude oil is on a steady incline and is approaching $100/barrel. Why you ask? Because, the supply of oil is not matching the demand for fuel. Why you ask? Because on the supply side, Saudi Arabia, the world's largest producer, has cut production by 1M...

100,000 JOBS

According to a recently released economic impact report, the Port of Oakland generates 98,345 local jobs and an overall economic value of $174B. The seaport alone generates $795M in direct wages and $400M in state and local taxes. WOW! That is a strong economic engine...


Eagle Rock Aggregates has been in legal wranglings with environmental groups and California's Attorney General Rob Bonta on the terms and conditions necessary to build and operate an open-air sand and gravel terminal within the Port of Oakland. The facility will...


Do you know what this part is? Hint, it is something used in truck or container transportation. Play "Name That Part" on our Facebook page.

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