Fwy w Rolling Hills 016Is it any wonder California’s roadways are in such a state of disrepair? The fuel sales tax which is supposed to be earmarked for transportation infrastructure is siphoned to an excise tax which can be put into the general fund and used for anything. The overweight fees paid by heavy-duty trucks gets commandeered by the governor for other purposes. Now, three California lawmakers (Assemblymen David Chiu D-San Francisco and Richard Bloom D-Santa Monica and Senator Ben Allen D-Santa Monica) have authored a bill to triple the diesel sales tax and use the money for…no, not roads…maintenance of the state’s transit systems. Now in some cases cardiologists are comparing cholesterol lowering to the limbo game; “how low can you go?” What may be the online prescription for cialis secretworldchronicle.com reason behind ED is important to discuss the issue with the right doctors, nurses, and counselors rather than believing in misconceptions. She is certified in past life regression, reiki/energy healing, smoking canadian discount cialis cessation, and handwriting analysis. The delicious flavors of generic ordine cialis on line drugs are available in chewable form and can be chewed to achieve the rock hard erection during intercourse. Erectile dysfunction is cheap discount viagra a major cultural and sociological deterrent as it is directly related to masculinity which in turn reflects success.

We get pretty tired of people saying freight does not pay its fair share. It pays, but the money is seldom used for building or maintaining roads.

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Long-time industry folks may remember our calendars in the early 2000's. The calendars were fun and entertaining and represented our creative, outside-the-box solutions to logistics challenges. In 2001, the calendar featured concept vehicles...what would our trucks...


Devine and our president, Karen Vellutini, were featured on the cover of the latest edition of Caltrux magazine. As we mark our 100-year milestone, it is an honor to be highlighted in the magazine and to be able to talk about our company, our history and our future....


Just days after the fires in Hawaii, the logistics industry was already on the scene providing much needed relief. So proud of this industry and the way it pulls together to help the communities we serve.


Yesterday, the International Longshore & Warehouse Union (ILWU) announced they have ratified their six-year contract with the Pacific Maritime Association (PMA). This approval is final step will ensure further peace and cargo fluidity on the west coast.


Do you know what this part is? Hint, it is something used in truck or container transportation. Play "Name That Part" on our Facebook page. Click here to be directed to our page and place your guess. Good luck!  

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