June, 2016


Since the closure of Ports America, the Port of Oakland has been aiding in the transition of cargo volumes by subsidizing off-hour gates (i.e., nights and weekends). The subsidy was always intended to be a short-term fix and will expire the end of this month.


As we know and have experienced, SSA needs additional hours to process the number transactions necessary to keep containers moving.  In order to continue to provide extended hours, effective June 27, 2016, SSA in Oakland will begin assessing a $30 fee on all loaded containers regardless of the time of day the transaction is made.


SSA will use the $30 to fund continued night gates. These night gates will be Monday through Thursday from 6:00pm to 3:00am and will service exports, empties and imports.


This model is different than PierPass in Southern California, which places a fee on all containers moved on the day side and moves on the nights and weekends are free. Spreading the fee across all containers keeps it lower and having no “free” hours will help even out the flow of containers across both shifts.


The below information is quoted from SSA’s advisory on the subject:


Listed below is information regarding payment.  We will continue to keep you updated as we move closer to the implementation date.  Please continue to monitor our website at  under NEWS at the right of the home page “Extended Gate Fee Instructions” for updates.



  • Fees will be billed after cargo has in-gated and loaded the ships.
  • Exporter on record for booking will be billed unless otherwise specified to Salt Lake City
  • A Customer Information Form will be posted on our website , but is immediately available through Salt Lake City.
  • Forms must be filled out and an account set up for billing for all export loads.


  • A constraint will be applied to the imports for “Extended Gate Fee” which will place the container on hold
  • Customers (i.e., cargo owners) will be able to pay by check, money order, or wire transfer to SLC.   Specific instructions are posted on our website.
  • Once paid, container will show available in Forecast
  • Import lanes 2, 6, B & K appointments cannot be made until fee is paid and showing available
  • Payments can (and should) be paid prior to vessel arrival as long as the information is available in Forecast.

Contact information:



Salt Lake City:  888-898-5893, opt. #2


Please do NOT copy


We encourage everyone to get in touch with SSA to establish an account and avoid any potential delays in the movement of your cargo.  The 27th is two weeks away and will be here before you know it.