Ocean carriers continue to divest themselves of chassis, so we are investing and adding to our chassis fleet.  Doing so puts a safer piece of equipment on the roadway as well as evens out supply during peak season.
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We just took delivery of these bad boys.  Shiny, new and fresh off the factory floor.  We will get them unstacked, stenciled, numbered and on the road.

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The terminals in Oakland are closed today, May 1st. Traditionally, the International Longshore & Warehouse Union (ILWU) shifts its standard, third Thursday of the month, second shift, stop-work meeting to the dayside on May 1st to honor International Workers' Day....


The Port of Oakland is bringing back free harbor tours for the summer and fall. The tours will run May through October. Click here for the full schedule, ticketing and more information. It is a great opportunity to see the supply chain in action...and it is free.


We are also happy to report the lawsuit between the East Oakland Stadium Alliance (EOSA) and the Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC) has been resolved in the industry's favor and reverts the Howard Terminal property back to Port Priority Use...


In a zombie apocalypse (hey, people wonder), California is the third worst state to be in due to its dense population centers and low access to weapons. On a positive note, Money magazine ranks Sacramento one of the Best Places to Live based on its job market, housing...


In a zombie apocalypse, Nevada actually ranks second from the bottom. While Reno may rank high in its availability of weapons, it's dead last in availability of food and places to hide. But, on the bright side, if you are looking for a job, Nevada is the place to be...

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