Here are some interesting truck facts for you.

If you connected all the loaded truck moves delivered last year, it would stretch to the moon and back more than 11 times!

While accounting for just over 14% of all miles traveled, trucks delivered 81% of all goods moved.

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Trucking employs more than 7 million people around the country.

And, take a look at these pollution mitigation numbers. The trucking industry has spent billions of dollars upgrading fleets to cleaner more fuel efficient engines.

Pollution Reduction Graphic

In case you can’t read those numbers, it’s an 88% drop in Sulfur Dioxide, 48% drop in NOx and 32% drop in Diesel Particulate Matter. Those reductions were achieved across all industry segments. Of course, we know the numbers for intermodal trucking in California are even better than that.

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The above three minute video highlights the importance of trucking and truck drivers to the American economy and way of life. The trucking industry moves everything you eat, wear, and use on a daily basis. Please take a moment to watch these heroes in action.


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OSRA 2.0

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