As the saying goes…if you bought it, a truck brought it. The booming economy and demand for goods is highlighting a nationwide driver shortage across all industry segments… intermodal, long-haul, short-haul, tanker, flatbed, refrigerated, construction.
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The shortage has gotten so severe there is talk about gas shortages this summer. The shortage would not be due to the lack of fuel but rather the lack of drivers to transport and deliver it.

The trucking industry needs to add 110,000 drivers per year to keep up with demand. In order to do that, driver pay is on rise.

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We are so excited and so proud to be celebrating our 100th year in 2023. So much has changed in our industry and in our company since Devine & Son Trucking first hit the road in the truck pictured left in Sacramento, California in 1923. We have seen...


We have received more than 15 feet of snow over Donner Summit this winter, and more is on the way. Take a look at the video above to see how they keep the railroad tracks clear and cargo moving. Pretty cool...wish the process to clear the roads was as efficient....


The trucking industry is not opposed to clean air. Quite the contrary, the industry has invested and continues to invest in technologies to reduce emissions and fuel usage. The result is tremendous savings on both fronts. That being said, battery electric trucks are...


CARB: Back in 2007, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) adopted the Drayage Truck Regulation and Truck & Bus Rule banning pre-2010 trucks from all of California's ports and roadways effective January 1, 2023. Up next, the Advanced Clean Fleet proposal which...


We will start 2023 with driver statistics. Top 10 distractions for truck drivers: Reaching for an object Reading Adjusting/monitoring devices integral to the vehicle Removing/adjusting clothes Adjusting/using an electronic device Reaching for food or drink...

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