Both cars and trucks have significantly reduced emissions since 1988. Tailpipe emissions of heavy-duty trucks have been reduced by 98.5% since that time. The next effect of this reductions is the total emissions of sixty trucks today equal the emissions of one truck back in 1988.

Today, the largest source of particulate matter generated by vehicles is from tire wear.

Electric vehicles (EV) are significantly heavier than their gas or diesel powered counterparts, 30% heavier. That weight translates to tires wearing 20% faster and releasing more harmful chemicals into the air. A 2022 study by Emission Analytics found that EVs release 1,850 times more particle pollutions compared to those burning fossil fuels.

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The above three minute video highlights the importance of trucking and truck drivers to the American economy and way of life. The trucking industry moves everything you eat, wear, and use on a daily basis. Please take a moment to watch these heroes in action.


Our sincerest sympathies are with all those who lost a loved one in the bride collapse. It is humbling to watch the videos of the accident. We commend the first responders, who with only ninety seconds to make a difference, were able to stop the flow of traffic and...


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Most trucking companies around the country started with one truck, one driver, and an entrepreneurial spirit. The desire for freedom, independence, flexibility and earning power remain the motivating factors for the 350,000 independent drivers nationwide. Take a look...

OSRA 2.0

In June 2022, the US Congress passed the Ocean Shipping Reform Act (OSRA-22). This legislation prohibited ocean carriers from "unreasonably" refusing export cargo as well as "unreasonably" assessing demurrage and detention charges. It also gave the Federal Maritime...

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