The California Supreme Court ruling referred to as the Dynamex Decision is being challenged by the California Trucking Association (CTA) and two independent owner operators on the grounds the ruling is unconstitutional and conflicts with federal law.

As a quick reminder, the Dynamex Decision precludes any employer in the state from utilizing independent owner operators if those operators are in same line of business. Rather than support entrepreneurs and independence, the State of California wants everyone to be a employee.



The American Trucking Associations (ATA) has petitioned the US Department of Transportation to declare California’s meal-and-rest break requirements in conflict with federal law.

California requires a “duty-free” 30-minute rest break after five hours of work and a second “duty-free” 30-minute rest break for those working more than 10 hours.  Since there are not adequate, safe parking locations for big-rigs to comply with the state’s arbitrary rules, the rule puts California’s drivers at risk.

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California roads get a “D”.  The fact is, the state has not been spending enough on roads and bridges. For years, California has been robbing fuel taxes, heavy-weight charges and registration fees for uses in the general fund.

We are hopeful the latest round of “handcuffed” taxes will remain strictly for infrastructure improvements.



That’s right…your burger.  The California Air Resources Board (CARB) is placing a target on the much-beloved flamed grilled hamburger claiming the cooking process is bad for the air. Restaurants using charboilers must register with the state and are subject to Clean Air Violations.

Stand up for independence…stand up for safety… stand up for infrastructure…and, by all means, stand up for the burger!

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