Video of Panama cannel interlocking video

There has been quite a bit of news regarding the significant impact of the drought on cargo flows through the Panama Canal.

To fill the locks and raise the ships, it takes 50M gallons of water from Gatun Lake for each crossing. With the drought, the rivers feeding the lake are not able to replenish the water lost to the sea.

To counter the falling water levels of Gatun Lake, the Panama Canal Authority is increasing their fees, reducing the weight of ships and paring the frequency of crossings. The result of these measures is a growing queue of ships, longer transits, added costs and fewer containers. It is expected these restrictions will be in place for next ten months. The drought and the contentious east coast labor contract negotiations are presenting challenges to shippers.

The above video is interesting but is about 14.5 minutes long. It covers the building of the canal, how it functions, why water is lost (3 minute mark) and the impacts of a previous drought.

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